Into the Tropics -crossing the Tropic of Cancer

A bit more than 24 hours out of La Paz, Baja California towards  La Cruz de Huanacaxtle 20.44′ N 105.22′ W(poetry in a name!) in the Banderas Bay, where we are currently at anchor, we passed this maagical line and for the first time your Skipper officially entered the TROPICS on his own boat. (Isabelle, of course did this years ago…) A nice sail it was, 20-25 knots following wind for 26 hours, but then this magical line was crossed….and yes, something became different right away.The wind slowly died on us and we spent the two following days going slowly, averaging 3 knots of boat speed, but very pleasant. Full moon at night, warm and nice and the Pacific Ocean being just that, peaceful and calm. Just as that time it got it’s name.

Since we experienced settled conditions we took the opportunity to spend 2 nights at Isla Isabela, a bird sanctuary and a very sweet spot.


This big rock is on the SE side of the island, and we were anchored just S of it

and while swinging at anchor, we found ourselves a wee bit close to the rocks sometimes…

from there to La Cruz, another 22 hours of SLOW sailing, but again, very nice and we truelly enjoyed being at sea again for a few days. It’s like a prolongued meditation when one just exists, in a peaceful state of mind, and lives in the moment – like we always should- HERE and NOW is all that exists.

BTW, has anyone ever heard of a book named ‘Zen, and the art of sailing a boat around the world’ ? ….or is it still to be written?



About svnanna

exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. Doing deliveries, navigation teacher and commercial yachtmaster, writer and photographer, reiki master and martial arts lover.... and much more
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  1. Håkan says:

    Thanks for post!!! Keep it up…

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