What with it? Long time no writing!

It has been a long time since my last post. WordPress stats say 7 months and I have no reason to doubt that.

this blog is about sailing ‘Nanna’ and since in fact we haven’t sailed her in over a year, there has been nothing to say or add.

the much dreaded cyclone season, the latest one that is, officially now a new one is unfolding since about 3 weeks, was quite benign against all odds or  predictions.


the boat sat there, bobbing at the beefy morning I built and we mostly sat onboard. True, there were times with so much rain we almost felt like dolphins, but then in between there were weeks with very nice weather so in all we were just fine, and very pleased no cyclones came our way.

Instead of cruising, we styled busy with other things. Isabelle finished yet another book, even got it edited and published, and there are always things to do on a boat.

No doubt I had some withdrawals from not sailing, so once I was back in Sweden for a few months I bought an older, somewhat neglected H-båt (H-boat), an early 70-ies vintage race boat. With over 5000 built, and still being built, it is the next most numerous keel boat class in the world. Scandinavia Germany, Austria and Hungary are the major players on the racing scene. This years World Championship was won by a Swedish team just to put things “right”!  ;-D

Isabelle in France, I had a 7 week joy trip singlehanding this boat all over the Stoxkholm archipelago, Åland, and Finland. Typically sitting at the helm and hiking between 6-12 hoiurs a day. It’s such a funnbpat to sail and for a design fr.o.m. The late sixties, she is a performer!  Racer with a crew pf three, my modest 70 kg on the rail, meant a bit too much healing in anything over 12 knyts of wind. Despite that I amused myself overtaking 30-38 footers on a regular basis.

The H-boat is 8,30 long, just over 2 mtr wide and weighs 1,4 tones with 25 square meters of sail. Add very low freeboard and you have a good sailboat, particularly to windward, where she points higher than almost anything else.

Below deck, just enough sitting headroom for my 1,84, a little galley and four bunks. Bucket head, or a portapotti and that’s about it for accommodations. Who could ask for more? 😀

Already looking forward to next time around….


Back to Tahiti. After those weeks in the Baltic Sea, I appreciate the climate here with renewed apprehension.

Nanna is 32 years old now and there is a lot more “stuff” to break than on the Simple little H-boat. This has slowed us down a bit. Currently I am waiting for a new LPG ( cooking gas) regulator since the old one just lets enough flow to heat water for a morning coffee. It should arrive within a week…..I hope!  Earlier on, there was some other little piece of gear that had to be ordered, fortunately I already forgot what!

It never stops surprising me that every time something breaks, despite the myriad of spares we have onboard, it’s something that can’t be obtained but through ordering it from the “outside world”. Good thing it’s just those smallish bits and pieces, not too heavy or expensive.

About a week ago upon starting the engine, I discovered no cooling water at all exited the exhaust. Long story short, had the raw water pump out, took it to the local mechanic and got two new lip seals ordered. Reinstalled the pump yesterday, but still no flow. Currently out of ideas, I will ask the mechanic to come over and trouble-shoot the raw water circuit, because I am unable to discover what’s wrong!


If nothing else of importance breaks soon we are planning to go to the Tuamotus and /or the Marquesas, or if we get delayed, just hang around here, the lagoon, the neighbor island of Moorea


























About svnanna

exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. Doing deliveries, navigation teacher and commercial yachtmaster, writer and photographer, reiki master and martial arts lover.... and much more
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1 Response to What with it? Long time no writing!

  1. svnanna says:

    Never to late to give up (i.e. call in a pro). Disassembled the raw water circuit yesterday morning and discovered the heat exchanger totally plugged! No wonder not a singe drop of water exited the exhaust!!! :-D. Good cleaning of the small pipes inside with a threaded steel rod of slightly smaller diameter than the tubes and “voila”! Bit for that I found the 1 5/8″ exhaust hose showing plenty little fine cracks and also, it was very stiff. This hose takes a LOT of heat, particularly when the heat exchanger is , erh….half plugged. It also gets ‘ flushed’ with sulphuric acid with the exhaust fumes, so it is not an exaggeration to say it leads a haaaaard life. Go shopping for new hose tomorrow and a jug of antifreeze.

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