Toahotu – 4 km a day

Swimming that is. Our “private” pool is a about half a nautical mile long, studded with coral heads, fish aplenty, (though of baby size) and the water is 28-30 C so if I wanted to be a bit petulant I could say it’s slightly too warm in the pool ;-)….it is also without any maintenance obligations on our part, so simply put: Wonderful!

On top of that it’s just some 4 miles out of our “home bay”, has a little dock on shore with a water tap that comes directly from a mountain spring and people gather here all day long to fill up their jugs and bottles since the tap water in their homes isn’t officially “potable” this offers plenty opportunities for encounters, some of them leading to visits, even forging friendships, and we are the only cruising boat anchored here. Unbelievable! Over the stern of our Nanna full view to south through west, so sunsets to enjoy each day. We’ve spent a few weeks here now, going back and forth for supplies, time online and some other insignificant tasks of mundane life.

One swimming pass in the morning an one in the afternoon does very good for every muscle not to mention the cardiovascular stuff, mm. Today we had the added pleasure of a school of dolphins to keep us company, they were focused on their fishing though and didn’t pay us much attention.

The pool is on the edge of the “platier” to the deep water in the lagoon. The depth between 1-2 mtrs and in the lagoon 15-30. The reason we see baby fish only? Well, the Tahitians are passionate about fishing, and the pressure simply seems too big for the lagoon fish since everything of “plate size” and upwards is harvested.

An interesting thing is that we hardly see another sail boat, and that’s in the main island of Tahiti but off season. Wonder if there are many more in May-September when the few hundred transient boats come through French Polynesia? I guess not, since we hardly ever see any coming down the southern or eastern part of the island. most go to Papeete, the Capitol, or to Marina Taina, 20 km south of there, get their repairs done, parts bought, and on they go, to Moorea or Huahine, a few days each, then Bora-Bora same thing and off they are fro the territory.

Been there, ticked the box but seen nothing much of it?!

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