Looking forward…

To get out sailing and exploring again after a three month long haul out and refit of Nanna. Very hard work. I stripped the bottom down to bare fibre glass after discovering a few smallish blisters, and decided I wanted to make sure everything. Was good. Well, long story short, she is now better than new, at least as far as the hull goes, with 6 coats of epoxy resin, two coats epoxy primer and a new topside paint with 3 coats of Two pot PU paint over 2 coats of epoxy primer.

no need to ever worry about blisters or “osmosis” in the next 15-20 years. The hull was In fact dry as a bone thanks to an earlier epoxy job, as far as my knowledge goes, at least 15-17 years ago,so it was about time to redo it.


In a week and a half, isabelle will be back from France, where she visited and supported her Mom (89 y o) who recently had a knee replacement surgery done.


Then some provisioning and off we are to the Tuamotus. Then the plan is to try and use the weather patterns and use the shifting trades NE thru SE mostly, to make good the 1000 miles NE to the Marquesas group that we haven’t yet visited. The plan B, if it turns out too hard to beat to windward for that long, and the winds will have too much NE in them, to go SE instead and revisit Gambier at about the same distance from here. The Tuamotus will hopefully serve us as convenient stepping stones in getting there.


The idea is then to return to our “home base” in Baie de Phaeton in late April or early May next year. Magnus is very keen on flying home to Sweden next year and spend a few months with family and friends, and of course also sail his little racer “Siska” the  bright red H-boat ( 8,30 x 2.15 x 1.30 and 1,4 ton/ 25 m2) that he had so much fun in last year.



About svnanna

exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. Doing deliveries, navigation teacher and commercial yachtmaster, writer and photographer, reiki master and martial arts lover.... and much more
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