Moorea – Oponuho Bay

Our old favourite, this stunningly beautiful anchorage just off a public beach ( with showers and from a few months back brand new toilet ( aka bathroom) building) Just inside the reef, on the eastern side a few hundred meters south of the beautiful Hilton Resort and Spa which is a very luxurious, but also far from ugly spot with bungalows on poles in the shallow turquoise water of the lagoon. The backdrop of Mooreas trademark craggy mountain range completes the picture of a tropical paradise…..well I start to sound like a sales broschure but it’s the truth.

After those wonderful weeks in Haapiti, being the only sailboat in sight for most of the time except over the X-mas holidays, it’s a wee bit cramped here, by our standards at least. Seventeen boats in the anchorage, 6-7 of them being moored here in permanence. The last few days it’s been windy, with an un-seasonlike enforced trade wind of 15-20 knots frequently gusting 30 in squalls. We keep swimming and snorkeling our regular hours a day though even when progress, with rather long fins, is almost none against the current. Just makes the work-out so much more efficient! 😉
Rotui, the next highest peak on this island at 799 m was visited by us last week. About 3 km as the crow flies, but it’s a very steep path. The view was worth it and ittookmabiut 4 hours for the roundtrip including enjoying the view and taking a few photos. The highest point of Moorea is 1200 or so meters. This is a small island roughly shaped as a triangle with each side about 8 NM( 15km) long.

We hitch-hiked to the opposite side of the island a few days ago, to visit our friends on “Parenthese” who by now have returned to France. We hadn’t met them I a few months so it was nice to exchange accounts of late occurrences with them.

Life is good! Pura Vida!

About svnanna

exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. Doing deliveries, navigation teacher and commercial yachtmaster, writer and photographer, reiki master and martial arts lover.... and much more
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